How to Market a Repair Business Online? 10 Best Tips

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It’s the era of the Internet, and businesses are not left behind in reaping the benefits of the world wide web to grow themselves. It has become a necessity for brands to build an online presence. Why? Well, there are countless reasons behind the importance of building an online presence.

Online marketing uses web-based channels to inform potential customers about a business and its products, products, or services. Digital marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses to reach a broader range of audience, engage their customers, and increase profitability with lesser investment. In this high online advertising competition, startups and small-medium businesses struggle to market their business.

Many repair shop owners are choosing to take their repair business online. Repair stores now provide their services through online channels and a break-and-mortar store. So if you are a repair store owner new to this online setup, this blog is for you. This post will explain how to market a repair business online.

Repair Business Market Overview

Let’s first overview the market of repair businesses. Repair business marketing comes with many challenges because the margins are thin. Getting the maximum output from your budget requires experience and long-term planning. Repair businesses can primarily serve local audiences. You are aware that customers won’t drive from far distances to see your store. Plus, if it’s a computer or a smartphone repair issue, it’s an emergency service with a limited time frame.

Undoubtedly, the market size for the tech repair business is huge. A market research report estimated that the global electronic equipment repair services market would reach USD 104.57 billion in 2021. Companies previously constrained by COVID-19 regulations are expanding due to operations changes and recovery from COVID-19 impact. Additionally, it is predicted that the market for electronic repairs will grow from 15.11 billion in 2020 to 22.17 billion in 2025.

These projections suggest you can cover many untapped potential markets through your online presence if you are a repair shop owner. Just learn how to market a repair business online and earn big bucks!

how to market a repair business online

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Importance of an Online Presence

Online marketing has been utilized by thousands of companies offering electronic repair services worldwide, and these companies have begun to receive more leads and customers. A digital presence helps you build close relationships with your clients. Moreover, reaching and retaining a greater target audience through online channels is easier. Retargeting campaigns help small businesses to keep their customers updated about their services.

What’s more? You will not have to invest as much in an online marketing campaign. Thankfully businesses are more aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) these days. SEO helps decrease marketing budgets and reach organic traffic to your website. You only need a well-designed website or web-based application to start the flow.

Take, for example, auto repair shop marketing. Without a website, there is no sense in trying to gain online customers. You have to start with a website to start your online marketing activities. Then you must follow some tips and tricks to grow your business.

how to market a repair business online

How to Market a Repair Business Online?

Let’s get to the main point! How to market a repair business online? First, you have to build an online presence. We will explain the strategies you need to market a repair business online. But in more straightforward terms, you will need three things:

  1. A website
  2. A marketing team
  3. SEO/SEM

You will surely get good growth if you learn how to use these three things properly in marketing your repair business online. Other necessary things strengthen your online presence, such as building a community, advertising locally, and running targeted ad campaigns. You must understand your target audience to choose between inbound marketing and outbound.

10 Best Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Time to get into action! We have gathered the 10 best marketing strategies to help you market a repair business online. These are not just tips but step-by-step guides that anybody can easily follow. To market your business online, you need to:

  • Create an Online Presence
  • Manage Customer Relationships
  • Improve Your Website’s SEO
  • List Your Business in Online Directories
  • Use Social Media Marketing
  • Take Feedback Seriously
  • Use SEM
  • Personalize Email Marketing
  • Run Special Promotions
  • Linkedin for B2B

1) Create An Online Presence

As we already discussed, the first to market a repair business online is to create an online presence. But how can you build a strong online presence within a minimum budget? Build a basic website with the necessary information about your business and an easy-to-use interface. You don’t need a website with advanced features to start an online repair shop.

The basic information that must be on your website is as follows:

  • Contact Info
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Services
  • Option to book services
  • Links to your social media profiles
  • About Page
  • Areas where you are accessible

After that, set up your social media profiles to improve and authenticate your online presence. These things increase your visibility and you can directly engage with your target audience. Make your brand voice consistent over platforms. Get your business listed on Google My Business to appear in search results. All these tips will help you build customer trust and an initial online presence in the market.

2) Manage Customer Relationships

The next step is to learn to manage customer relationships. You might need CRM software to manage client relationships or save new leads. There are hundreds of software out there that can be your customer management systems, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Hubspot. It is up to you which one you want to use according to your budget.

Investing in these CRM suites is worthwhile; they help in client relationship management and marketing. So don’t shy away from spending on a good CRM. Apart from that, social media platforms are an excellent way to connect with your audience directly. Keep an eye on the comments under your posts, as customers express many of their concerns and queries in the comment box.

3) Improve Your Website’s SEO

The next and most important step is improving your website’s SEO. Website SEO is what makes businesses stand out from their competitors. Your website should be optimized for better search engine rankings. It is a part of organic marketing where you don’t have to pay for advertising. You are advertising your repair company on platforms where potential clients can stumble upon you “organically.”

Employing a consultant would be preferable if you have no prior SEO knowledge. Alternatively, you might work with a digital agency to create your website using optimal SEO techniques.

You can take a few actions right away. Most can be considered “Local SEO,” or optimizing for local search queries. Local search inquiries for a repair company come from customers seeking services in a specific area.

Also, your website should have a mobile-friendly interface or be based on a mobile-first design. This ensures that users get a great experience on whatever device they use to access your website. You can eventually develop a mobile app when your business grows.

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how to market a repair business online

4) List Your Business in Online Directories

You also need to list your business in online directories so your location appears to your users. Listing your business in online directories helps build customer trust. It also increases your reach and exposes your business to your target audience. Then you can also use location-based keywords to target the audience in your nearby areas.

Instead of focusing on ranking for “best repair shops,” try to rank for “best repair shop in (the location of your store)”. The best phone repair shops, computer repair shops, the cheapest Apple repair shops, and the best screen or battery repair or replacement businesses all work with this method. In simpler words, this is how you advertise locally.

how to market a repair business online

5) Use Social Media Marketing

Another essential element of online marketing is social media. As we know, social media is not an integral part of everyone’s life. Finding someone who doesn’t use social media to get entertained is impossible. But what’s great about it is that social media is also an excellent tool to harness a target audience.

How to use social media for marketing a repair business online? Well, it’s pretty simple!

  • Make a social media plan that has a content management strategy.
  • Find the content that your audience likes.
  • Create a content calendar.
  • You can also use paid advertising to gain customers.
  • Keep an eye on what is happening on your competitors’ pages.
  • Build a brand persona.
  • Stay active and add updated content. (One must not post too often but neither too less. Find a balance.)

Tips for Social Media Marketing

  1. Use videos and GIFs to create engaging content.
  2. Add how-to-do or DIY video tutorials related to your audience’s queries.
  3. Make use of new social media features.
  4. Use influencer marketing.
  5. Add customer reviews.
how to market a repair business online

6) Take Feedback Seriously

Reviews of your customers are critical to making your business survive in the long run. Unpleasant experiences of customers not only damage your image in the market and make your retargeting efforts fruitless. On online platforms and social media, nothing stays hidden. If your business is not up to the mark, people will soon find out, and you will lose credibility.

Therefore, create a system to manage feedback. Observe closely what your customers desire from your business and incorporate that feedback. Take responsibility for your actions and reply to your client immediately. For that, you should have customer support services that are highly active.

7) Use SEM

Now that you know how to use SEO to build organic reach, time to understand Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Paid ads are not fruitless if you are doing it right. Hiring an expert is always recommended if you have no experience with SEM. You can also outsource this part to offshore agencies or freelancers, as it will be less expensive.

You should bid on related keywords that build your authority for a repair business. But you can always have a blog page on your website where you can write organic, search-engine-optimized, and informative blogs to improve search engine ranking.

8) Personalize Email Marketing

How can we forget email marketing when it comes to online advertising? Email marketing is the best way to retarget your audience. Ensure you only email people who have subscribed or given permission for it. Sending emails through cookies or obtaining clients’ personal information without consent is malicious.

You can keep your customers updated and hooked to your platform through personalized emails with catchy headlines. Also, you can update us about any promos or discounts currently available on your brand.

9) Run Special Promotions

Promotions and discounts attract your customers to the business. A special promotion, a tiered promotion or a short-term incentive, might span from a few weeks to many months. It provides a strong incentive that can influence purchasing and selling patterns, boost the exposure of particular goods, or act as a mark of appreciation.

how to market a repair business online

10) Linkedin for B2B

A LinkedIn presence is also essential to any business. Linkedin is ideal for B2B advertising. It’s not that B2C ads shouldn’t be managed on Linkedin; instead, the platform makes it simpler to target every IT staff of every nearby local firm. The substance and value you offer at that point are what matter.

Hopefully, these tips helped you understand how to market a repair business online. At ShopSmith we help repair store startups build an online presence at minimum cost. We have a great experience in business automation and website services. You can always come to us to make your work easier.

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Experimenting With What Works Best

Keep learning about new and unique ways to market your repair business online.

The main thing to remember is that marketing should focus on long-term outcomes. Yes, you can launch campaigns to promote sales and limited-time deals. The greatest approach would be to prepare a consistent plan over many months and years.

This is also far less expensive to perform. With a small monthly payment, your return on investment will be significantly larger. Your goal should be to increase your customers’ satisfaction levels, not just profit-making.

how to market a repair business online


This post taught us why building an online presence is essential for a repair shop business. We have provided the best solutions for those worried repair shop owners figuring out how to market a repair business online. Focus on these tips & tricks and reap the benefits of online advertising. Remember to keep your digital marketing efforts consistent, and don’t fear failure.

You must keep updating your content strategies and experimenting with different methods to understand what works best. Using blogging and best SEO practices aids in your inbound marketing campaigns. Don’t try to reach out to an ocean of people, but pick those that need your services. Hopefully, these tips will guide you in your marketing efforts.


How to Promote a Business Online?

To promote a business online, the first thing you have to do is create an online presence. Then you can utilize different forms of digital marketing to attract your audience. You can use both SEO and SEM to get noticed and promote your business on search engines. Also, create social media pages to keep your audience engaged.

How to Promote a Repair Shop Online for Free?

Here are some ways to market your repair business online for free:
1) SEO
2) Email marketing
3) Facebook/Instagram posts
4) Youtube videos
5) Give promotions/discounts
6) Writing relevant blogs
7) Improving your website copy, etc.

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